Dear friends

Welcome to the page where you can find the Rector’s letters to the Parish.

It is a way of keeping in touch with you by writing about his personal experiences in and around the Parish, and occasionally including more general Anglican news and views.
You will be able to gain an insight into our parish life and come to know the Rector. You will also be able to share in our events of worship and fellowship.

Our Rector, Revd Selwyn Engelbrecht, will be writing this weekly letter to you all.

Do enjoy them, and get to know St Oswald’s better through them.



22 March 2019 

Dear Parishioners

I hope you enjoyed doing the Meditations last week.  A few gentle reminders to follow the same instructions while doing this week’s Meditations. The theme to focus on is The Open Cup.  Do not forget to write your reflections down in your own personal journal.

Rectors Letter S 0819




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